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  • We're Sporting a New Look at CPAP-Supply.com

    Welcome to the new CPAP-Supply.com / SpokaneCPAP.com. We've moved our online store over to a new platform that's designed to give you a better shopping experience - better at your desktop, better on your tablet, and better on your phone. The
  • Current CPAP Machine Availability

    The last year-and-a-half has been borderline insanity in terms of CPAP machine availability. For more than a year CPAP machines have been in extremely short supply. There were some weeks in which we didn't have any CPAP machines in stock at all.
  • Daylight Saving Time - Fun Facts for CPAP Users and Other People

    Limited Time Offer: take 10% off cleaning items, humidifier parts (including water chambers), and machine filters through this weekend using coupon code DST in the shopping cart. As I write this the second Sunday in March is fast-approaching. That's

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