I used to be surprised when people would call and try to negotiate a lower price for CPAP equipment. I would always tell customers who asked for lower prices that our prices are already really low and that they ought to go check out the prices at their local supplier if they don't believe me. I've even had people ask if I could throw in a free CPAP mask with their order. Now, I've been known to offer a free CPAP machine filter, but an entire CPAP mask for free? Is this nonsense, or is it just part of our culture?

Admittedly, CPAP-Supply.com offers a pretty great price guarantee which stipulates that we'll match any verifiable price offered by our competitors for up to two weeks after an order is placed. You can hardly get any better than that. It means that if you buy CPAP equipment from us, you're guaranteed the lowest price. If we don't have the lowest price and you do your homework, then you'll get the lowest price from us. Pretty simple.

I mention this so that you know I expect people to use our price guarantee to their advantage when purchasing CPAP equipment. What I don't expect is for customers to want something for nothing.

Just this past week I've been dealing with a very friendly - although rather sleepy - CPAP user from Tennessee. She didn't buy her REMstar Plus CPAP machine from us, but ended up calling us because she had a problem with her machine. It turns out that her CPAP machine no longer works. The good news for this CPAP user is that the machine is still under warranty for another seven months. The bad news is that her local CPAP supplier from whom she purchased the machine won't honor the warranty and wants to charge her $3,000 for a new machine. I was in total disbelief when she explained the situation to me over the phone, and I decided right then and there that I was going to help out this CPAP user. So I called the manufacturer, explained the situation and had Respironics send me a new CPAP machine to replace the defective one. I also happened to give Respironics the name, address and telephone number of this deadbeat supplier so that they can end their relationship with them, but that's beside the point. No problem. Hardly any effort on my part. So why didn't the original local supplier do this for the customer? They're apparently charging so much for these CPAP machines that they should be willing to drive to Pennsylvania from Tennesse, pick up a new machine from Respironics, and drive it back to their customer. Seriously. $3,000 for a CPAP machine?

And now I'm sitting here thinking I may now know why people sometimes try to negotiate lower prices for the CPAP equipment we sell. People get used to the fact that a lot of people try to rip them off, and so they believe they can only get a fair deal by asking for a lower price. Basically, they think everyone must be trying to rip them off. It's sad, but I think it's true.

I really do want all of our customers to know that we're not like that local CPAP supplier who won't even take the simple steps to replace a CPAP machine that's still under warranty. Every day we go out of our way to help customers - whether they're our customers or not - and we provide an outstanding level of service, even without making absurdly high margins.

Use our price guarantee to your advantage. We developed the guarantee because we want your business. We thoroughly enjoy helping CPAP users and fulfilling your orders, and we don't want a few bucks to turn you away from us. Give us a try and I think you'll like the experience.

Andrew Senske

CPAP-Supply.com is a leading online retailer of CPAP equipment. Located in Spokane, WA CPAP-Supply.com has been serving thousands of customers around the world since 2001. Founded on a belief that patients are their own best primary care providers, CPAP-Supply.com understands the importance of educating patients and customers on both the effects of and treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. For more information visit CPAP-Supply.com or call toll free 1-888-955-2727.

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