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CPAP Pressure Gauge / Manometer
CPAP Pressure Gauge - Manometer
CPAP Pressure Gauge - Manometer

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CPAP Pressure Gauge / Manometer

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Need to know if your CPAP or BiPAP machine is blowing at the correct pressure? If so, then this CPAP pressure gauge is exactly what you need. One common mode of failure in older CPAP machines is a discrepancy between actual pressure and the pressure indicated on the PAP device. This device will let you know if your CPAP or BiPAP blower is failing to produce adequate pressure.

The atmospheric pressure differences caused by elevation changes can change the level of pressure being delivered by a CPAP machine. Some CPAP machines compensate for elevation changes automatically. Some allow you to compensate manually. This tool can come in handy regardless of the type of elevation compensation your CPAP machine offers. If the CPAP compensates automatically, you can check to see if it's working properly. If the CPAP allows for manual elevation compensation, you can adjust your machine manually and then use this gauge to check your new elevation calibration.

The CPAP Pressure Gauge is super easy to use. Just disconnect your mask from your tube, hook up the tube to the universal adapter at the end of the pressure guage, turn on the CPAP or BiPAP machine blower, and look at the reading on the gauge. The gauge works for pressures between 0 cm H2O and 30 cm H2O and has a marked scale at intervals of 0.5 cm H20. (In other words, it can handle the pressure from any CPAP or BiPAP machine with pinpoint accuracy.)

While many people may call a gauge like this a "manometer" it's really not a manometer in the true sense of the word. A manometer utilizes water, and the air moves the column of water a certain distance. That's why the units of measurement for CPAP pressure are "centimeters of water." This is a gauge calibrated to give results equal to those of a true water manometer.

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