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CPAP Pressure Gauge
CPAP Pressure Gauge
CPAP Pressure Gauge Measures Air Pressure Up to 30 cm H2O

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CPAP Pressure Gauge

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CPAP Pressure Gauge Introduction
The CPAP Pressure Gauge by CPAP-Supply.com is a universal water manometer designed specifically to measure the air pressure produced by a CPAP machine. Accommodating pressures up to 30 cm H2O, the CPAP Pressure Gauge can be used on any CPAP machine to determine CPAP pressure setting. The gauge is simple to use and exceedingly accurate. There's simply no better way to measure the pressure of a CPAP machine than with a water manometer like this one. If you've got an older machine and you're wondering if it's still blowing the correct pressure, or if you have a newer machine and just want to know if it's set correctly and blowing accurately, our CPAP Pressure Gauge will give you the answer.

How It Works
The idea behind a water manometer is simple. When air blows against water in a tube, the water moves. The distance the water moves is the air pressure in units of centimeters of water. That's why a CPAP prescription is written, for example, as 10 cm H2O. The "cm" is centimeters, and the "H2O" is water. You'll be amazed by the combination of simplicity and utility this accessory offers. If you've got kids, be sure to show them how the air from your CPAP machine moves the water. It's a great tool for visualizing air pressure. Who knew buying and using CPAP supplies could be so much fun?

System Compatibility
The CPAP Pressure Gauge works with all CPAP machines and with all bilevel / BiPAP machines with a maximum pressure of 30 cm H2O. The tube connector on the gauge accommodates all standard CPAP tubing with 22mm connections. We've made it super easy for you to hook up your machine to the gauge. No tape. No loose connections. Just an accurate reading every time.

We designed the CPAP Pressure Gauge to be small and portable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-read. No bells and whistles. Nothing to break or wear out. It just doesn't get much simpler. It's one of those no-nonsense tools we know people will appreciate. We've seen similar water manometers sell for 3 times as much without providing any other benefit. We've kept the design simple and the cost low simply because we could.

Features / Summary
  • small
  • lightweight
  • easy-to-use
  • super accurate
  • helps check CPAPs, both old and new
  • essential addition to your CPAP supplies

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