We just got our hands on the newly-released Respironics EncoreViewer 2.0 software. We anticipated the new version would offer three things:
  1. Support for the new PR System One CPAP machines
  2. Ability to save a file as a PDF document
  3. Support for Windows Vista and Windows 7
Respironics went 2 1/2 for 3 with this new release. Since you're probably wondering about that half point, let me explain.

The new software does, indeed, support the new PR System One CPAP machines and the SD cards used in those machines. That's one point for Respironics.

I'm excited to report that Respironics added the ability to save reports as PDF files. Rather than printing reports and then scanning the printed pages, end users can finally just click a button to create a PDF document in less than a second! Good for version 2.0, but let's not kid ourselves. It really should have been a feature in version 1.0. Regardless, that's another point for Respironics.

Now we get to compatibility. While EncoreViewer 2.0 is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, sadly this new version only supports the 32 bit versions of those operating systems. If I'm not mistaken it's been extremely difficult for the last year or two to even find a 32 bit computer on store shelves at places like Best Buy. Of course, 32 bit processors and operating systems are still predominant, but any reasonable software developed in 2010 should at least be compatible with a 64 bit processor, even if it doesn't take advantage of 64 bit architecture! The fact is that most software designed for 32 bit systems will work on 64 bit systems, but the EncoreViewer installer detects a 64 bit processor and cancels the installation. See the screen shot below.

I can only imagine this is the case because the SmartCard drivers included on the disc are designed for 32 bit systems (and 32 bit device drivers won't work on 64 bit systems). Too bad. In my usual generous way, I'll give Respironics a half point for this.

EncoreViewer 2.0. It's a travesty it doesn't work on 64 bit systems!

So, the new software gets 2 1/2 out of 3, or a B-.

While using the software I didn't notice any other changes from version 1.0, so if you want to get a good understanding of what the software does specifically, and if you want to see screen shots of the reports, be sure to check out my article on EncoreViewer 1.0 Sleep Apnea Analysis Software.

Finally, I'd like to point out that we now offer a REMstar card reading service. If you own a Respironics REMstar, REMstar M Series, or PR System One CPAP machine and if you'd like us to read your card and email you a copy of the report, we'd be more than happy to do so. The cost is $35 for one emailed report, $50 for two emailed reports, and $60 for three emailed reports. Depending on the service you choose you can send your card to us one, two or three times any time during your use of the machine, and we'll generate a report for you and email it to you. If you think you might want more than three reports emailed to you during the life of your machine, then we recommend you buy the EncoreViewer software and the SmartCard reader. The SmartCard reader is only required if you have a REMstar or REMstar M Series CPAP machine. The SmartCard reader is not required if you have a PR System One CPAP machine with an SD card, although you will need an SD card reader for your SD card. If you buy your REMstar CPAP machine from us, you're entitled to one free report anytime during your use of the machine. Just give us a call!

Andrew Senske

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