"For almost twenty years ResMed has been a leader in developing highly effective, comfortable CPAP masks which have been extremely popular with CPAP users around the world. With their recent introduction of the Mirage Quattro full face mask, ResMed has released their fourth generation full face mask. As you'll see in this article, ResMed has engineered design improvements into the Mirage Quattro that, when considered individually might not make the Mirage Quattro to appear to be a major advancement, but when considered all together actually represent a significant improvement over the previous design.

One of the most noticeable differences between the Mirage Quattro and the older Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask is the cushion clip. It's more noticeable primarily because of the contrasting color, but it also offers a more mistake-proof and secure way of connecting the cushion to the mask frame. The new Mirage Quattro sports a Mirage Activa-like cushion clip which is easier to remove and replace.

Another vey noticable difference is the design of the venting on the mask frame. On the previous Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask, the venting in the frame consists of a large U-shaped opening near the top of the mask frame which is partially covered by a vent cap. The vent cap has six small holes in it, through which excess and/or toxic air escapes. The Mirage Quattro has 36 vent holes integrated into the mask frame, without the need for a separate vent cap part. One advantage to this design is that the CPAP user doesn't have to worry about losing the vent cap piece. Noise reduction of the new vent design is said to be greater than 50%.


Quattro Vent

You'll see that the cushion on the Mirage Quattro has been changed slightly. Besides being slightly more contoured, there is more outer flap material at the bridge of the nose, which helps to reduce mask leaks and improve the seal in this area of the cushion.

UMFFM Cushion

Quattro Cushion

At the top of the mask the forehead support has been changed signifcantly. The Quattro features a 24 position, dial-controlled forehead support for an increased level of customization. When this dial is turned all the way counter-clockwise (while looking at the front of the mask), it can be turned further until it pops loose and releases the forhead support bar from the mask frame.

UMFFM Forehead Support

Quattro Forehead Support

Unlike the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask, the Mirage Quattro forehead support does not have quick-release clips to which the headgear attaches. Rather, the headgear loops through a slot on either side of the forehead support and then the headgear is secured with velcro. This is very similar to the design of the Ultra Mirage Nasal Mask. However, each headgear slot has an opening through which the headgear strap can be removed without first removing the velcro connection. That is, the headgear can be removed from the forehead support and can then be replaced on the forehead support with no re-tensioning required. Speaking of headgear, it's important to note that the headgear design has not changed other than the label that is sewn to the back of the headgear. On the Quattro, this headgear is called Mirage & Ultra Mirage, while on the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask, the headgear label says Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask.

UMFFM Forehead Support Headgear Clip

Quattro Headgear Slot

The quick-release headgear clips near the bottom of the Mirage Quattro frame are exactly the same clips as those found on the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask. The clips are the same on the Quattro, but there's two fewer of them.

If you're adding oxygen to your CPAP therapy, you'll be connecting the oxygen tubes to ports on the bottom of the Mirage Quattro mask frame. On the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask, these oxygen ports are located on the front of the mask frame just slightly above the anti-asphyxia swivel. The ports on the Mirage Quattro are covered by a single piece of silicone rubber, while the ports on the older Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask are each covered by two hard-plastic port caps which screw in and out of place.

UMFFM Oxygen Ports

Quattro Oxygen Ports

Finally, the anti-axphyxia swivel on the Mirage Quattro is a new, slightly simpler design. The swivel is a typical elbow swivel with a large vent at the top of the elbow. When air blows through the swivel the air forces a flapper valve to open. This flapper valve covers the vents in the top of the elbow to prevent air leaks. When airflow stops, the flapper valve closes, thus opening the vents at the top of the elbow and allowing the release of toxic air (i.e. CO2) throught the vents. The anti-asphyxia valve on the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask, works in a somewhat similar way with a thin valve membrane covering up exhaust vents in the elbow. The primary difference is the complexity of the vent and valve mebrane design. Overall the new elbow swivel on the Mirage Quattro has 4 parts versus 6 parts on the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask. In my opinion, the Mirage Quattro elbow is more difficult to remove from the mask frame, but it's far simpler to reinstall. The split washer design of the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask elbow is pretty much as simple as it gets and doesn't require much in the way of manual dexterity; the elbow can be removed by pulling one side of the split washer with one hand. Conversely, pressure from both thumbs is required to remove the elbow from the Mirage Quattro mask frame. The easiest way to remove the Quattro swivel is to hold the mask with both hands facing with the elbow swivel away from you (as if you were about to place the mask on your face). While holding the mask, insert your thumbs into the mask, press them against two of the six tabs that hold the swivel in place, squeeze the tabs together, and push the swivel out. It's easy once you do it for the first time. I'm guessing more than a handful of Mirage Quattro users are going to break tabs on their mask elbows, but only time will tell.


Quattro Elbow

Overall, I really like all the new features the Mirage Quattro has to offer. The Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask is still a viable option, and at the time of this writing is $20 less the the Quattro which makes it appealing economically. However, the new design enhancements of the Mirage Quattro are, in my opinion, more than worth the extra cost.

Andrew Senske

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