It's been just over two years since ResMed implemented the ResMed Preferred Internet Provider program. As of 12/22/2008, the RPIP program no longer exists and ResMed is no longer forcing retailers to adhere to minimum retail pricing.

ResMed now has a policy which stipulates retailers must advertise a minimum price for many ResMed CPAP items, but can sell the items to end users for any price. So it's basically a policy similar to Respironics. The big difference, though, is in the details. ResMed allows online retailers to show their customers the actual retail selling price by adding items to the customer's shopping cart. Respironics doesn't allow this type of pricing communication, and so with Respironics equipment you either have to call us, engage us in a live chat, or click a link for an email to be sent to you with an item price.

For ResMed masks that have sizing options, just select your size and click the "add to cart" button and you'll see our actual retail price. For ResMed equipment that doesn't have size options - like ResMed CPAP machines - then all you have to do is click the "add to cart" button and you'll see our actual retail price. Pretty simple.

ResMed CPAP Machines and ResMed CPAP Masks on Sale at
First, select your size option, then click either the "add to cart" button or the "add to cart for lower price" link.

What more can I say. The voice of reason has prevailed. ResMed equipment is on sale NOW!

Andrew Senske
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