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5 of 5 Travel CPAP October 7, 2020
Reviewer: C.ELLIOTT from Texas  
Awesome machine!  I purchased the muffler and heat moisture exchange. The muffler is nice but not necessary unless I fly, IMO.  It is not noisy! Overall a great purchase.

I use a full face mask. Because there is no humidifier, the nasal mask causes my nostrils and nasal passages to "burn" because of the cold air. I don't have that problem with my full face mask.

The battery discharges while not in use. Charge it before you go to bed if you plan to use it the next day and or hook it up to the charger as soon as you get to your hotel room. That way you can get a full nights sleep (at least 8 hours). My experience is if you have three charge bars, it won't last but around 5 to 6 hours.

The physician settings are easy to change. You can find the instructions through Google. IMO, you will need to "tweak" the settings to get it close to your normal, full size CPAP.

I love my purchase and recommend it!

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5 of 5 Great machine for travel... March 31, 2018
Reviewer: Bruce Bernard from Fairview, PA United States  
Although newer CPAP machines are relatively small, I wanted one that would fit in my suitcase. After thorough research I think I made the right choice. Although not the smallest portable unit I believe it is the quietest. This is important because my wife is a light sleeper. With the addition of the Q-Tube the Z-1 is nearly as quiet as my Remstar. I bought the battery version to have a backup in case of a power failure. I’m glad I did because we recently had a major outage. I also liked the auto adjust feature, although this is also available from competitors. I wanted to use it to check if my pressure needed adjusting. The biggest downside to any portable machine is the lack of a humidifier. The Z-1 HME filter does a good job but not nearly as good as a real humidifier. I would not want to use the Z-1 for more than a week. I do wake up considerably drier with the Z-1.  I am very pleased with the Z-1, but it is no substitute for a desktop unit, nor is it intended to be.

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5 of 5 February 19, 2018
Reviewer: Frank Pappano from Huntington Beach, CA United States  
really like this machine and I'm glad they make a travel pack so compact

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2 of 5 Z1 Auto Travel CPAP with battery May 29, 2016
Reviewer: Eddie Holt from Abilene, TX United States  
Ordered CPAP 5/10, Checked status 5/18, received 5/24, used 5/25,5/26,5/27, went back to old Autoset Spirit 5/28.

I was  disappointed in the amount of time it took to receive it based on  your claims of shipping time.

I have been disappointed in the performance of the new unit with the settings as received.

I am leaving town for about two weeks carrying my old unit.  I will call you when I get back and see what we can do to make it acceptable.

Eddie Holt

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4 of 5 Great, with small annoyances April 15, 2016
Reviewer: Donald Schaffer from Northbrook, IL United States  
Received my Z1 very promptly.  Only problem- the pressure had not been set.  I sent a late night email and got a call in the morning.  Tech took care of it over the phone.

The machine is tiny.  The power supply is small and the thinner/shorter tube makes this pack a lot smaller and lighter than my regular machine, even with the Powershell in place.  

I used the machine a couple of nights and had good results.  The down side - as pressure settings are increased, noise levels seem to climb.  It is probably not noiser than my home machine, but it is pitched much higher, sounding like more noise.  At exhale settings other than 1, it sounds like it wheezes every time you let a breath out.  A setting of 1 is fine for me, so the noise is minimized.

Overall I give Z1 an 8 out of ten overall, and travel it would be a 10 if it could self adjust to a little higher altitude.  10,000 feet would be nice.

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4 of 5 Good travel machine October 23, 2015
Reviewer: Douglas Thom from Lincoln, CA United States  
Only 2 issues - first is you have to remove the battery when not using the machine, otherwise it will discharge. It would help to have a smart switch to prevent this.

Second - it is not an Auto-Start unit. If you loose power (or the battery runs out) and power is restored, you have to wake up and turn it back On.

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4 of 5 Great Concept and Execution, but Noisy June 5, 2015
Reviewer: Numbersman from Chicago Area  
I ordered this as soon as the auto version came out.  High hopes were fulfilled with the compact size and weight.  Great for a motorcycle trip.  Unfortunately, the noise is annoying.  Not that it is so loud, but the type of sound is disturbing.  If you have the exhale pressure relief set at anything other than 1, whenever you exhale it sounds like a goose honking.  When the pressure is above about 7, the pitch of the noise is a high whine, that gets louder as pressure increases.  I think this may actually result from the outlet adapter that narrows down and I suspect causes a venturi effect.

Is it a great concept, well executed?  Yes.  Will I use it? Yes.  But that is because I sleep like a rock.  My partner, however, is kept awake by the noise so it will strictly be a solo travel machine for me.

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