"If you have a Respironics M Series CPAP machine, or if you're thinking of buying one, then you should know about a newly-released part from Respironics that helps to reduce machine noise. It's called a whisper filter cap, and it's designed to fit right over the M Series CPAP machine filter compartment. Released on June 2, 2008, the Whisper Cap is very similar in design to the filter caps found on older model REMstar CPAP machines, although this filter cap is a little deeper than the filter caps for previous models.

If you already own an M Series CPAP machine, then you know that it's a pretty quiet unit. There aren't many quieter options available, and with this new Whisper Cap, an M Series CPAP machine will compare quite nicely to the sound levels produced by the ultra-quiet DeVilbiss IntelliPAP models and ResMed S8II models.

According to Respironics the Whisper Cap will reduce noise levels by about 3 decibels. That's not a huge difference, but it's enough to make a quiet CPAP machine even quieter. You and your bed partner will undoubtedly appreciate it.

Check out the following pictures to see the new Whisper Cap attached to a Respironics REMstar Auto M Series.

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Andrew Senske

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