At, we're always striving to provide you with the best deals available for CPAP equipment. Not all manufacturers make that easy to do. With restrictions on advertising and pricing some manufacturers would have you believe their CPAP equipment is quite expensive, even when it's not. Or at least, even when it shouldn't be.

Let's name some names.

Philips Respironics compels all dealers to advertise a "Minimum Advertised Price" or MAP for their products. The dealer is allowed to sell Philips Respironics products at whatever price the dealer sets, but products cannot be advertised below the MAP.

ResMed compels all dealers to advertise a "Minimum Internet Retail Price" or MIRP for their products. Unlike Philips Respironics' MAP policy, however, the ResMed MIRP policy stipulates that dealers must actually sell ResMed products at MIRP if the transaction originates from the web. Walk-in customers can pay less than MIRP. Telephone customers who didn't come from our website can pay less than MIRP. If you mention a dealer's website as the source of your interest in ResMed equipment then any authorized dealer must charge the minimum internet retail price established by ResMed.

Throughout years of advertising and pricing constraints instituted by manufacturers, we've developed ways to offer you fair pricing. Here's how you can get the best deals from us.

Discount Codes
Philips Respironics allows a discount code to be used for showing actual retail prices. The discount code must be requested by a customer (otherwise, we'd just tell you right now what it is). A single discount code applies to many Philips Respironics products, including the ComfortGel nasal mask and the PR System One REMstar machines. On product pages that ask for a discount code, you can enter the code to see our actual retail price appear. All of these products share the same discount code.

Click here to see the ComfortGel nasal mask, an example of a Philips Respironics product with a discount code, and a "Get Sales Price Sent to Your Email" link.

Take a look at this example of a product page that allows a discount code to be entered.

Get Sales Price Sent to Your Email
The "Get Sales Price" link is similar in concept to the discount code. Whenever you see the "Get Sales Price Sent to Your Email" link, you can have the actual retail price of the product sent to the email address you provide. This is slower than using a discount code, but if you don't know the discount code to use for a product, or if the product doesn't allow the use of a discount code for some reason, the "Get Sales Price" link is a good option. Remember that during normal business hours you're just a phone call, email or live chat away from obtaining the discount code.

Click here to see the PR System One REMstar CPAP machine, an example of a Philips Respironics product with both a discount code and a "Get Sales Price Sent to Your Email" link.

Phone Orders
You can rest assured knowing that when you order over the phone or visit us in person, you'll automatically get the best deal we offer. For Philips Respironics products, this means you'll get our actual retail price as if you had requested a discount code or a price sent to your email. For ResMed products it generally means you'll get the minimum internet retail price. Once again, with ResMed products you must pay MIRP unless you're a walk-in customer (in which case the price is negotiable) or unless you can demonstrate you're interest is not originating from our website. For example, if on the phone you were to mention a local ad you saw, then your transaction wouldn't be originating from our website and we would be able to sell below MIRP. This is all in accordance with ResMed policy. Listen, I know it sounds a bit ridiculous. But we don't make the policies. But we do have to abide by them.

Walk-in Orders
Same as phone orders, except ResMed product pricing is always negotiable for walk-ins, in accordance with ResMed policy.

Of course, we understand all of the reasons manufacturers have pricing policies. We don't agree with all of the reasons or with all of the policies, but we respect them as best we can. We know that this doesn't make things easy for you, the consumer. That's why we want you to know we're doing everything we can to give you the best deal available. And don't forget. The "deal" as I call it goes far beyond pricing. When you buy from us, you know you're getting great prices along with a high level of service and support.

Questions? Comments? Let me know.

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