"On March 31, 2008 you may have noticed a funny thing happening to Respironics' pricing on our website. The marketing guys at Respironics recently designed and implemented what they call a minimum advertised price policy which prohibits retailers from advertising prices below MSRP. I'd like to take a few minutes to explain what's going on with the pricing of Respironics sleep therapy equipment, and how you can still purchase Respironics CPAP equipment without paying MSRP prices.

We knew long before the MAP policy was released that it was coming. We just didn't know the specific nature of the policy, and we didn't know we'd have so little time to comply. We were expecting the details in January 2008, but the policy wasn't sent to us until mid-March, giving us just two weeks to figure out how we were going to react to it. We reacted quickly and were the first website on the internet to comply with the MAP policy and the only website to comply by the deadline. We were also the first website to provide an automated method of obtaining our actual retail prices via email. The whole process is somewhat of a nuissance - as I'm sure you've already discovered - but we've done our best to mitigate the problems caused by the new policy.

In a nutshell the minimum advertised price policy, or MAP policy, states that home healthcare suppliers in the United States aren't allowed to advertise prices below MSRP. There are essentially three MSRPs:

  • Full Support MSRP
  • Limited Support MSRP
  • Individual Product Price
If a price is advertised on a website, a print ad, on TV or over the radio, the Full Support MSRP and the Limited Support MSRP must also be disclosed. Under no circumstances may the price be below the Individual Product Price. To give a specific example, let's take a look at the ComfortGel nasal mask. The Full Support MSRP is $204, the Limited Support MSRP is $154, and the Individual Product Price is $124. Our actual retail price is $59.99, but we can't advertise it. We can certainly write about it, though!

There are no defintions given for Full Support MSRP or Limited Support MSRP, but I'd be willing to bet we (and frankly, a lot of other online retailers) offer just as much help, advice and support - aside from actual face-to-face mask fitting - than a local brick-and-mortar company that charges $209 or more for full support. Incidentally, the highest price we've ever heard of for a ComfortGel is $360. Seriously. We had a customer tell us his local brick and mortar billed him $360 for a ComfortGel nasal mask. For $360 I'd be expecting ""full support"" and then some. Maybe tickets to a baseball game, or a new TV.

Anyway, this is why when you look at most Respironics products on our website, you see prices listed that are higher than our actual prices. Beneath the high MSRP prices you'll notice a link that says:

Get Our Price Via Email Before Adding to Cart

Check out the picture below to see exactly how this looks on a product detail page. I've blown up the view of the MSRP pricing and the link so you can see it clearly. This information always appears to the right of the main product photo. Whenever you see this, you'll know that a lower price is available.

This is your cue to click on the link, enter your email address, and receive our actual retail price automatically. The email you get will include a link back to our website where you'll see the actual retail price, and where you'll be able to add the item to your shopping cart at the lower price.

It's important to note that if you add the item to your shopping cart before following the steps outlined above, that you'll be paying too much. We'll take it if you insist, but we don't want you to pay too much for CPAP equipment. That's the whole reason we started this company - to give people a more affordable alternative to high prices generally found at the local brick-and-mortar supply shop.

Another easy way to get our actual retail price on Respironics CPAP equipment is to order over the phone. When you order your CPAP supplies over the phone, you won't even have the option of purchasing at inflated prices. Our system is set up to give you what we believe to be the fair market value of Respironics CPAP equipment.

As always, I encourage you to call us toll-free at 888-955-2727 if you have any questions about our pricing on Respironics CPAP equipment. We're looking forward to assisting you with all of your CPAP equipment needs!

Andrew Senske

CPAP-Supply.com is a leading online retailer of CPAP equipment. Located in Spokane, WA CPAP-Supply.com has been serving thousands of customers around the world since 2001. Founded on a belief that patients are their own best primary care providers, CPAP-Supply.com understands the importance of educating patients and customers on both the effects of and treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. For more information visit CPAP-Supply.com or call toll free 1-888-955-2727."

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