"There's just nothing like opening up a package you ordered over the internet to find it doesn't include everything you ordered. What a disappointment this can be, indeed. We've taken some big steps here at CPAP-Supply.com to make sure we don't accidentally leave anything out of your order, so that when you open a box from us, there are no surprises. If we do happen to make a mistake with your order just give us a call and we'll make it right. We'll even pay for UPS 2nd Day Air shipping if you need us to.

But what about the tubing swivel that is supposedly included with all Respironics REMstar M Series CPAP machines? If you've just bought a REMstar M series CPAP machine then you'll be missing the hose swivel for sure. The owner's manual indicates the swivel should be included, and there's even a picture of it in the manual, but the swivel itself is nowhere to be found. So what exactly happened to this elusive piece of plastic, and why is it no longer included with the M Series CPAP and BiPAP machines? We've certainly received quite a few phone calls from M Series owners asking about the whereabouts of their hose swivel, and we've got the answer - straight from Respironics - as to why the swivel is no longer included.

According to Respironics, when the hose swivel is used in conjunction with a humidifier, condensation tends to form on the outside of the swivel. This condensation results in wet nightstands and frustrated CPAP users. Frustrated not necessarily because of the wet nightstand, but because they think their CPAP machine or CPAP humidifier is broken - leaking water all over the place. From a product manufacturer's point of view, it's not a good idea to create a product that a) destroys people's property, b) appears to be broken, and c) creates a risk of electrocution. That's pretty much a three-pitch strikeout in the world of manufacturing, so Respironics stopped shipping the hose swivel shortly after the release of the M Series machines.

Now, this isn't to say that the hose swivel can't or shouldn't be used with your M Series machine. Quite the contrary is true. If you're not using a humidifier, then the swivel won't be a problem at all. If you are using a humidifier, then you can still use the swivel keeping in mind Respironics' reasons for pulling it. If you decide the benefits of the swivel outweigh the undesirable effects, then just make sure you put a towel under your machine and humidifier before you use it. Also, before calling us - or any other supplier for that matter - to say that you have a broken humidifier water chamber, test it out yourself to be sure it's actually broken. Take the chamber out of the humidifier, fill it with water and place it on a piece of paper for 20 minutes. If there's no water on the paper, then your humidifier water chamber isn't leaking. If there's water on the paper, then you know you have a busted water chamber. Respironics water chambers have a 30 day warranty, so we can get you a replacement for just the cost of shipping if yours breaks within that time period (assuming you didn't run it over with the car, hit it with a five iron, etc.).

If you want the hose swivel, we've got it. Repsironics still makes and sells it, they just don't include it with their CPAP machines anymore. If you need one, just give us a call or order it online. Your tube will move much more freely, and your mind will be at rest knowing your M Series CPAP system is finally complete.

Andrew Senske

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