is a licensed durable medical equipment supply company located in the state of Washington. We fulfilled our first order on April 28, 2001. Since then we've had the pleasure of serving thousands of customers just like you. We own our own warehouse and office space and have four thousand square feet of stock room space so that we can ship orders the same day. If you need it now, you should feel confident ordering from us. We like to hear from our customers so feel free to give us a call to let us know how we're doing. Thanks for visiting our web site!

Here's a little bit about the founders. Rated E for everyone.

Andrew Senske
Co-Founder & President
As the president of, Andrew does some important and some not-so-important things. It's the usual presidential sort of stuff, but without the corporate mergers, financial scandals, mass layoffs, and the like. It's really quite a nice job, he says.

Andrew grew up juggling and spent far too much time doing it. Now he can juggle 7 balls nearly effortlessly. He used to be able to juggle 8 balls, but that was difficult, and his face would turn red, so he stopped juggling 8 balls. Among his other hobbies and interests are reading, writing and arithmetic.

  • He's always reading something. Sometimes several books at once.
  • He writes articles for You know. The dry "this is your brain on sleep apnea" sort of stuff 
  • And the arithmetic part... well, he's always calculating how to save you money on your CPAP equipment.
When he's not intensely focused on the three Rs, Andrew is usually spending time with his wife and four kids. Yes, four.

Interesting Fact: Andrew's first solo flight in an airplane was on December 17, 2005, the 102nd anniversary of the Wright Brothers' historic first flight.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Physics, University of Puget Sound, 1995

Favorite Thing about Selling CPAP Stuff: Helping customers find the right equipment to meet their needs.

What Andrew Might Be If He Weren't Selling CPAP Stuff: Lion tamer and juggler in the circus. Good thing he's selling CPAP stuff.

Mike Senske
Co-Founder & Shipper Extraordinaire

A professional engineer by trade, Mike continues to renew his engineering license every year because he knows there would be absolutely no chance of him passing the professional engineer test ever again. The guys who built the pyramids in Egypt probably wouldn't be able to pass the test either, so it's really not that big of a deal. Those guys were geniuses.

Mike was diagnosed with sleep apnea 16 years ago, and has been using a CPAP machine ever since. Mike sleeps with his CPAP machine - the legacy REMstar Plus, in case you're interested - every night, and the machine allows him to breathe when he sleeps. True-life testimony to the power of CPAP.

He uses the ResMed Mirage Activa. Swears by it, really. Doesn't know what all the fuss is about the ComfortGel.

Mike likes to process orders and ship them so much that sometimes he does it in the middle of the night when no one else is around, as if he were working in his own home.

Interesting Fact: Using his engineering prowess, Mike designed and built a golf course in 1989, and operated it for 17 years.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Washington State University, 1967

Favorite Thing about Selling CPAP Stuff: Sharing his CPAP knowledge with others to help them sleep better.

What Mike Might Be If He Weren't Selling CPAP Stuff: Door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. A little retro, but he'd be good at it.

We may be irreverent at times (like when we write about ourselves in the 3rd person!), but we're always serious about taking care of you. We've got the experience you can count on for accurate and timely delivery of your CPAP equipment. Order today to see top notch customer service in action.

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