Z1 Trade-In Offer - Get $100 to $200 For Your Old CPAP Machine When You Buy a Z1 or Z1 Auto

We have an exciting new offer to share with you. HDM, the makers of the ultra-portable Z1 CPAP machines, have created a one-of-a-kind trade-in program. The program allows you to buy a Z1 or a Z1 Auto and send in your old CPAP machine
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DreamStation and DreamMapper

To say the new DreamStation CPAP machines from Philips Respironics are full-featured is an understatement. The DreamStation CPAPs are available in three different models – CPAP, Pro, and Auto. The CPAP and Pro models are fixed-pressure units, while
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CPAP Compliance and New Year's Resolutions

At the beginning of every new year people around the world resolve to do something positive in their lives. Many of these New Year’s Resolutions are attainable. Some are not. People resolve to exercise. People resolve to kick a bad habit, like
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