can help you file your insurance claim for the purchase of your CPAP equipment. We routinely file claims with BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, and United Health Care.
Filing a claim on your own? Need insurance codes? Here's a helpful list of insurance codes for CPAP equipment.

CodeCPAP Equipment Description
G47.33DIAGNOSIS CODE for obstructive sleep apnea
A4604Tubing w/ integrated heating
A7027Combination oral/nasal mask
A7028Oral cushion for combination oral/nasal mask - replacement
A7029Nasal pillows for combination oral/nasal mask - replacement
A7030Full face mask
A7031Face mask interface - replacement
A7032Cushion for use on nasal mask interface - replacement
A7033Pillow for use on nasal cannula type interface - replacement
A7034Mask interface - mask or cannula
A7036Chin strap
A7038Filter, disposable
A7039Filter, non-disposable
A7044Oral interface
A7045Exhalation port - replacement
A7046Humidifier chamber - replacement
A9279Monitoring feature/device
E0470Bilevel CPAP Machine
E0471Bilevel CPAP Machine w/ backup rate
E0561CPAP Humidifier - cool
E0562CPAP Humidifier - heated
E0601CPAP Machine

At we make it easy for you to understand your eligibility of coverage provided by your insurance plan. If you provide us with the following basic insurance information, we will call your insurance provider to check your benefits:

  • Insurance provider telephone number on the back of your insurance card (we may have the number in our list of insurance providers, but it makes it easy if you provide it)
  • Name of insured (and of patient if other than insured)
  • Address of insured (and of patient if other than insured)
  • Date of Birth of Insured (and of patient if other than insured)
  • Gender of Insured (and of patient if other than insured)
  • Employer name
  • Insurance plan name
  • Insured's member ID number
We'll also need to know what equipment you're interested in purchasing:
  • First-time complete setup
  • Replacement complete setup
  • Replacement machine
  • Replacement mask
  • Replacement parts
After contacting your insurance provider we will let you know the estimated coverage level so that you can decide whether it makes sense to purchase from us. will apply for insurance reimbursement for you*. However, we will need to authorize and debit payment from your credit card until we are reimbursed by the insurance company, at which point we will issue a refund to your credit card for the reimbursement amount. If you receive the reimbursement check from the insurance provider, no further action will be taken. will capture funds from your credit card when you place your order.

If you'd like for us to file a claim and apply for reimbursement without checking your benefits or eligibility first (for example, in the case where you already know your benefits, or we've filed a claim for you already in the past), you can add the following item to your shopping cart: Then during checkout you can provide us with your detailed insurance information in the Order Comments field just above the place order button.

Click here for a PDF copy of our insurance claim form if you're planning on submitting a claim yourself. Once you've opened this form, you can save it on your computer for future use. To use the claim form, just print the PDF file, fill it out, and submit it to your insurance company. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this PDF file.

Any explanation of benefits from does not guarantee your eligibility or coverage by your insurance provider. Further, your insurance provider gives no guarantee of coverage. Coverage depends on your eligibility at the time of service and at the time the claim is submitted. is not responsible for any discrepancies between an explanation of benefits and actual benefits provided. You must contact your insurance provider for more information if you have any questions about the benefits provided under your particular plan. Please note that we are an "out-of-network" or "non-participating" provider. If you have an HMO you will not be covered for purchases from

For information regarding Medicare please read the Medicare section in our terms.

* a claim filing fee is charged per order

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