A prescription is required to purchase a CPAP machine at CPAP-Supply.com. Your CPAP prescription can be faxed to 509-448-1540.

A prescription from a licensed physician is required to purchase a CPAP machine at CPAP-Supply.com. Prescriptions for CPAP machines should indicate a pressure setting or an auto adjusting CPAP machine. Read our article about prescriptions for more information about how a prescription should be written, and for advice regarding obtaining a prescription from your physician.

You will not have to send a prescription for each order you place. Once your prescription is on file, you are free to purchase any CPAP equipment without sending another copy of your prescription.

Fax prescriptions to 1-509-448-1540


Email your CPAP prescription

You can also provide us with your doctor's contact information so that we can work on your behalf to obtain a copy of your prescription. This information can be provided in the "order comments" field during online checkout, or over the phone if you decide to place your order by phone.

Feel free to call, email or live chat with us if you have any questions about our prescription policy, or if you have questions about obtaining a copy of your prescription.

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